Level One —Episode 06




This video is to teach you how to connect five movements and practice breathing exercises with them together.

While You can practice these five movements separately,  you can also practice them all together. By combining them with breathing exercises, you can achieve more comprehensive functions

Through practicing these movements together, It can help you:

  • Enhance your energy level
  • Stimulate energy flow, and promote the circulation throughout your body.
  • This combination can further help you calm your emotions and clear your mind.
  • It can consistently maintain your wellness, making this as a practical option for your daily self-care.

In order to connect these five movements together, some adjustments have been made to make them more suitable for combination. These modifications are necessary to ensure better flow and coordination between the movements.

In this video, you will :

  • Watch Master Jie demonstrate the whole movements
  • Receive step- by- step guide on how to do these movements all together, including key techniques
  • Follow with Master Jie and practice these movements along
  • Explain how you may feel after correctly practicing the breathing exercises with this movement.


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