Personal Wellness Assessment


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Many people complained that they feel unwell, but every time when having a health check, nothing shows abnormal. Or, some people have tried various treatments for long term, but their conditions still could not get improved. That is because the real reason to cause the health condition has not been properly identified.

Using his extra sensory perception, Master Jie may be able to help you find the true cause that could have impacted your personal condition, specially that which may not be easily explored by modern medical devices. In addition, he explains what is the possible weakness about your body condition.  To understand this,  you might be able to prevent some potential health issues in the future and work out yourself in a good wellness status.

Assessment Scopes:
1)  To analyze the fundamental reason and cause that may have impacted your current conditions.

2)  To identify your body’s weakness, and explain the future possible development of your condition. By being aware of these, you can regularly take some preventive measures, and maintain yourself in a good wellness status.

3) To discuss questions you may have for your personal health needs. Then, Master Jie provides suggestions accordingly. The health discussion can be about physical conditions as well as mental conditions.

Fees:    AUD 98.00


This personal wellness assessments can be conducted by two ways as below. You can choose one of these two methods.

1) Assessment is conducted via Zoom video meeting.

Once you book an appointment with us, a Zoom meeting  will be created and the meeting arrangement details will be sent to you via email. Master Jie will conduct the assessment and discuss with you via Zoom video meeting.

2)  The assessment also can be conducted by reading your personal photos.

You submit the online inquiry form from our website. Once we receive your submission, you further email us two full images about yourself or the person who wants to be assessed.  One photo is about the image from your front, the other photo is the full image taken from your back.

Master Jie will read the photos you provide and complete the assessment. Then, we will email you the written assessment report within 3 working days.

If you have any question related to the contents in the report, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any question you have, without any additional charge.


If you want to make an appointment outside of the time slots listed in the calendar on this website, No Worries! Please email us. We will try our best to work out with your preferred time and date!


Disclaim:  Master Jie always endeavors  to help you improve your health and wellness by using his knowledge and expertise. However, it doesn’t mean your medical treatment and advice shall be replaced by his advice if any. Please make your decision carefully and under your own discretion.