Special Programs

1)  Parkinson Diseases Treatment Program

Parkinson’s disease is a progressively degenerative neurological disorder which affects the control of body movements.

The presentation of symptoms varies greatly between individuals diagnosed and no two people will be affected in the same way.

Although the cause of Parkinson’s disease varies from person-to-person, our study and practice has revealed this disease to stem from energy blockages throughout the body. Gradually these blockages impact  nerves communication , therefore further affect motor functions and the immune system. Parkinson’s disease is a complex condition. It is critical to proceed a holistic treatment with the target to improve the overall health of the individual.

PD sufferers can be helped by drug treatment. But long term medical consumption could also lead to strong side effect and  cause other health concerns.

Master Jie’s healing program is 100% nature. He can minimize the impact from PD symptoms to the least; progressively reduce the drug intake; Also improve the mental condition …

2)  Headache Treatment Program

Headaches are relatively common. They range from tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches and headaches from illnesses.

Each individual could have a different condition and cause. But frequent and persistent headaches are usually an indicator that something is not quite right in your life. You’d better review all aspects of yourself and locate the possible reason.

Though headaches are common, and everyone may experience it at some point, it is a complex health condition. We should not neglect it as it may cause negative consequences in our health. From our practice and research we have learned that a high percentage of cases are due to poor neck, shoulders and back conditions.

Also, from long term point of view, a headache could impact other function within the body. For instance, A regular headache sufferer usually has weak digestive system.

During the healing program, Master Jie is able to identify the TRUE reason that cause your headache, then conduct a holistic healing based your personal condition.

His healing is 100% nature, no any medication involved…

3)  Sports Injury Treatment program and Guidance for athletes

Based on the statistics from Sports Medicine Australia that one in 17 Australians suffer a sport injury. If you are a sport lover, you wish you would not be disturbed by the injury during your practice. If you are a professional athlete, you definitely wish your sport career would not be pre-mature ended because of the injury. Also, you wish you can achieve highest performance as you can with minimum of injury impact during your sport career.

Regarding to our research and practices, no matter you are a sport amateur, or a professional athlete, in high percentage of cases, the injuries are caused by incorrect movements during the training, or due to being over trained.

We provide comprehensive guidance with the target to minimize the impact from injury and further adjust your body and mental condition to the best condition prior to your formal competition.

For more details, please click ‘ read more’ to enter our detailed description about our sport injury treatment program.