Sports Injury Treatment program and Guidance for athletes

What we think about sports injuries?

Sports injuries could be occurred in various situations. For most of sports amateur, injuries could be happened due to improper movements and practices, or just by accident. But for professional athletes, injuries not only could be occurred during intensive competitions, more critically, most of injuries are caused from long term high-pressure trainings. In other words, most of professional athletes are over trained for long term. As a result, it could cause lots of injuries during long term trainings. These injuries during training would limit the performance at formal competitions.

What is our mission?

1) Minimize the impact from injuries

2) Work with you as a term and bring you the best condition physically and mentally to attend the competition

3) Prolong your sports career

What we do in our sport injury treatment program?

1) Treat on your physical body condition, minimize the impact from injuries.

2) On the basis of improving your condition from injuries, further adjust your body, therefore bring your body to the best condition before your competition.

3) Improve and guide your mental condition and mindset, therefore, you have the best mental and mind condition to attend the competition.

4) Provide you accurate advice in the area of daily volume of training, training contents, self care skills and much more. Therefore, give you good training result, but with reduced chance of injury, so your body is in well balanced. In other words, your body is being well trained for your competition, but as the same time, without any negative impact from over trained.

5) Provide you comprehensive advice about your diet, daily self care, life routine …. And much more …

In summary, we will give you all advice you need for your training and competition with the purpose that you can bring your best condition to your performance. Also prolong your sport career.

With Kickboxing World Champion Victor Mitchell Nagbe. Master JIe joined his team, responsible to Victor’s injury repair and recovery, advice to him about the training arrangement which is balance his body and mental conditions.

With Kickboxing South Pacific Title winner, Robert Minitti. Master Jie who is a sports injury treatment specialist in Melbourne, has been working with Robert more than three years. Helped Robert to fix old injuries, change his mind, and more importantly, improve his physical and mental condition that enable him continue his fighting career. In 2016 October, he won South Pacific Kickboxing Title at the age of 46. Master Jie helped him make his dream come true. Also break Australia history record that Robert became the oldest kickboxer under this title.

With former captain of Carlton Football Club. Master Jie helped him improve lots of injuries after his retirement and avoided some surgeries.