Special Program 2

“ When you think it is impossible to reverse your health condition back, through our special program with comprehensive guidance, bring you the hope and result. “

2)Headache Treatment Program

About Headaches

Headaches are relatively common. They range from tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches and headaches from illnesses.

Each individual could have a different condition and cause. But frequent and persistent headaches are usually an indicator that something is not quite right in your life. You’d better review all aspects of yourself and locate the possible reason.

What We Say about Headaches

Though headaches are common, and everyone may experience it at some point, it is a complex health condition. We should not neglect it as it may cause negative consequences in our health

Headaches can be caused by various reasons. From our practice and research we have learned that a high percentage of cases are due to bad neck conditions, shoulders and back.

Further, a headache has an impact on other functions within our body. For instance, if a person has regular migraines, usually he or she could have a weak digestive function.

A headache can easily cause anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. It also impacts your concentration and reduces productivity, which might affect your work and daily life.

Long term headaches will impact sleep quality and gradually deplete your energy.

So, we shall not ignore this illness, or leave it until it becomes severe. It’s best treated early.

Master JIe’s Healing for Headaches

Master Jie’s natural healing for headaches is purely natural. No medication or equipment is involved.

As explained, headaches are always related with other parts of the body. Treatment of the headache itself will not achieve ideal results. Master JIe understands the fundamental reason causing your headaches and how to influence other parts of the body. Therefore he is able to work on you with holistic improvement.

Through Master Jie’s healing your mental condition takes a turn for the better.

His program for headaches can be divided into three steps:

Step one: Observing the reasons for headaches is critical. Master Jie is able to properly identify the true cause. He will explain how your headache is, or could be impacting your health in other areas of your body.

Step two: Using his powerful healing ability he not only tries to heal your headache, but also improves your holistic health condition. His mission is to improve your immune system and strengthen your bodily functions.

Step three: As your condition improves, Master Jie will provide ongoing advice on how to maintain a healthy state. It could involve diet, exercises, lifestyle changes, psychology improvement, etc. Moreover, he can teach you breathing exercises with personalized movements. All of his teachings are practical and efficient.

Treatment Program Arrangement

Master Jie provides free assessment session. He is able to identify what is the major reason that cause your headache. Further, he will explain how your such condition may impact your other health and how he can improve your condition. If you have any question, all can be discussed during the first assessment session.

Master Jie will advise you the further treatment arrangement and frequency of the healing sessions, as it will be varied by each individual’s condition.

The fee for Master Jie’s full energy healing session is $168 per session. Each session takes around one hour.

You can ring us or email us for further enquiry or book appointment.