Parkinson Diseases Treatment Program

“ When you think it is impossible to reverse your health condition back, through our special program with comprehensive guidance, bring you the hope and result. “

About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressively degenerative neurological disorder which affects the control of body movements.

Symptoms result from the progressive degeneration of neuronal cells located in the region of the brain called substantia nigra. This causes a deficiency in the availability of dopamine; a chemical neurotransmitter (messenger) necessary for the production of smooth and controlled movements.

The presentation of symptoms varies greatly between individuals diagnosed and no two people will be affected in the same way. The three symptoms used for diagnostic purposes are: Tremor, (shaking, trembling); Rigidity or stiffness of the muscles and Bradykinesia (slowness of movement), which leads to a lack of spontaneous activity eg. arm swing diminishes; Fine motor coordination is reduced, and may lead to freezing or periods of immobility.

In some patients it may include pain and discomfort in an arm or leg, anxiety and depression, slowness of thinking and memory problems and tiredness and disturbed sleep. Constipation is common and bladder problems, especially a tendency to pass water more frequently and with more urgency, may occur. Sexual difficulties may trouble some people. Speech and swallowing problems tend to become more of a problem later in the illness.
( Source: Parkinson’s Australia)

What we found about Parkinson’s Disease

Although the cause of PD varies from person-to-person, our study and practice has revealed this disease to stem from energy blockages throughout the body. Gradually these blockages impact motor functions and the immune system. Parkinson’s disease is a complex condition. It requires holistic work to improve the overall health of the individual.

Though genetics plays a part, our experience shows us that long-term lifestyle habits constitute for the majority of PD cases.

With our healing process and patient’s willingness to work together, PD symptoms can be significantly changed

What Master Jie can do for Parkinson’s Disease
Current medical research cannot fully determine the cause of PD in each individual case. Master Jie can identify the main problem in you that could have led to the disease.

Long term sufferers can be helped greatly by drug treatments. But medication can also lead to strong side effects and cause other health issues, further damage the whole body’s immune system over the years. Master Jie’s energy healing is purely natural and involves no medication. Through the healing process, the patient will experience a strengthening of the immune system and lead to a reduction of drug intake.

Long-term sufferers of PD are also known to develop mental problems. Different degrees of depression and anxiety are not uncommon. During Master Jie’s healing process, mental condition can also be largely improved.

Persistent care is required, given the health complexity of Parkinson’s disease and its impacts on the entire body. Based on our practice, it may take time to significantly ease PD symptoms. However, the length of great changes in condition varies by each individual and their circumstances.

We believe PD conditions are controllable and can be greatly improved. Through Master Jie’s systematic healing, it is achievable to minimise the impact of this disease and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Through Master Jie healing process, and you work together. The achievement could be, but not limited to:

1) Reduce the tremor significantly. Based on each individual’s condition, the tremor could be able to be improved for almost none or just very little.
2) Strengthen immune system
3) Improve the flexibility of the whole body
4) Improve the motor movements
5) Get rid of depression and anxiety caused by Parkinson’s and enjoy your life
6) Improve sleeping
7) As we work on your holistic body, your overall health condition and wellbeing can be largely improved

Healing Program

To achieve the best possible result, we highly recommend to conduct healing treatments consistently.
Our healing program is defined stage by stage. Each stage involves 12 healing sessions. The fee of full healing session is $268 per session. Each session is around one hour.

According to our practice, in general cases, after 4-5 consistent healing stages, the Parkinson’s conditions can be significantly changed.

As each individual’s condition and circumstance is different, the total length of healing process involved could be varied. You can book an appointment with us for a free assessment and consultation.