We are one of the leading energy healing practices in Melbourne, Australia with awakened energy healer Master Jie specializing in practicing natural energy healing, chakra healing, energy healing for physical health improvement and wellness guidance. 

Master Jie possesses comprehensive knowledge about how all energy channels in the body are interconnected. With his unique, Master Jie provides personal wellness assessment and health and wellness guidance. 

All his healing power and wellness guidance are not only helping you improve existing conditions, but more importantly guiding you to prevent from potential negative health consequences and leading you to live in a healthy and harmonious life!



Master Jie is an awakened and gifted energy healer with what is known as “the Third Eye” and Supernatural sensory perception.

Master Jie has achieved many remarkable results, even in cases that could not be treated or discovered by traditional medical methods.



Through his powerful natural energy healing, Master Jie could identify the true reason that may have impacted your personal condition, and work on all those root causes. His energy healing sessions and comprehensive solutions could improve physical health and emotional and mental conditions.

online Consultation

online Consultation

Using his " Third Eye" and extra sensory perception, Master Jie provides personal wellness assessment online or in person. He could help you identify the possible fundamental cause, and even could help you analyse the potential health and wellness development. Health and wellness guidance are also suggested.


Wellness Courses

Master Jie develops sets of functional movements, paired with breathing exercises. All these programs are efficient options for daily wellness self-care, aimed to enhance common health conditions, such as back, neck, shoulders and digestion, as well as reduce stress, calm emotion and much more.




All services by appointments

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