Testimonials From Happy Clients

“ I have been seeing many physical healers but have not experienced the greatness or awakenings in any other healers I have seen around the world. I used to fly to Indonesia to see Chi healing & now based in Sri Lanka, Will maintain my sessions flying in to see Jie at every available opportunity. My humble gratitude & Highest recommendations for anyone searching remedial, physical, emotional & spiritual awakening & alignment. My deepest thanks & abundance. With love”


“He is a gift to this world. He knew things about me which I didn’t know about myself.”


” Master Jie is the most amazing healer. He is the person who has brought the light back into my life. It is a great honor to be able to practise with him. I look forward to a long and prosperous future with him in my life.”


Thank you, Master Jie for your amazing healing. You have given me back my life the way I felt when I was younger. My health is coming back stronger every week. I have suffered from irregulaer heart beats since I was 19 and amazingly they have almost disappeared. The sessions are relaxing and afterwards you have a feeling of complete peace and calm, which continues through the week. Once again, thank you Master JIe, for you gift of healing, your knowledge and your kindness. Thank you.


“ The most caring, loving and extraordinarily talented man in his industry – by far, I will forever sing his praise. ”


“ Master Jie is truly amazing! I always leave his treatment feeling great but it wasn’t until I had a few months without treatment that I realized what a difference his treatment really made. His treatment has enabled me to keep fighting as a professional kickboxer at a high level even at the age of 44.”


“ Master JIe is awesome he has helped me with so many injuries ….. Highly recommended. “


” Master Jie has taught me that a little faith can go a long way. I came to him to help heal my awfully swollen legs and feet. Not only has he fixed my problem with my legs, but he has also taught me to believe in myself! Thank you, Master Jie. I would & do recommend him to everyone. I wish I’d meet him sooner!”


“ Master JIe was recommended to me about a year & a half ago. I finally decided to go & see him in March. That visit started to shift things right away from procrastinating to making decision due to a clearer mind. I feel the difference if I don’t see him for a while & really now can’t see myself going for long periods without his amazing gift. I know I am a work in progress & with your compassionate guidance & help, I know I can reach my best! Many thanks to you Master JIe!”


“ Master Jie, What can I say? I don’t know how I got here, but I feel so honored and blessed to be in your presence. You have an incredible gift that just eminates love and well being! I have never felt so wonderful. My life is transforming every day and my heart is opening up like a flower and letting love in again. I am eternally grateful! I look forward to continuing my journey with you. A true healer!”


“ Master Jie has now given me three sessions and has helped a great deal to ease pain and helped me relax my back pains and shoulders feel totally relaxed and not tensed. He is a great master & healer! “


“ My goodness me! I feel such relief from pain. I can hardly believe it. Now I know what possibilities there are for me to vastly improve my health and well being. Thank you so much, Master Jie! ”


“Master Jie has blessed & given me a spiritual path to follow. He has taught me to open up my heart and the more I practice with Master Jie, I found myself with more love & kindness in my heart. “


“ My Gosh, to a wonderful family & man! You gave me strength and allowed me to enjoy life again. I can’t remember the last time or ever feeling this good. Master Jie will always be apart of my life .”


Where will I start @ the age of 41, lots of blockage, negativity and chronic back pain. After meeting Master Jie and his family, I feel like the old Tracie is back. I’m not lost or leaving in the past. I am her now and living for the future. Thank you so much for the help and advice!


“ I was so lucky to meet Master Jie today. He directly pointed out that my shoulders and neck need to be looked after. He further told me that these parts easily causes my headache. I was so surprised by his judgments which are so accurate. I paint a lot normally. He worked on these spots on me and I immediately feel much looser. More amazingly, his healing on me makes me want to cry. He really changed my day.”


”I broke my lower back on the left 25 years ago. So I am very amazed that Master Jie can find the problem straightaway when I am standing in the counter. He healed on me using his powerful energy. He acupunctured me on my lower back, all along to my neck and head. He worked on me around 5 minutes, and I felt much better already. I think I can do more lifting works now. Thank you, Master Jie.“