Full list of Energy Healing Services in Melbourne

Health Assessment

Using his extra sensory perception, Master Jie provides individual health assessment and consultation. He helps you identify the real reason that may have caused your personal condition, which may not be easily explored by modern medical devices.

Further, with his third eye, he will advise you the future development trend of your body condition.

Based on the assessment, he will also provide you valuable but practical advice on how to maintain yourself in a good condition.

During the assessment and consultation, he welcomes any question you have.

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Energy Healing Sessions

Pain and illness is sometimes caused by the blockages or disharmony of internal organs, meridian and pressure points.

Applying his powerful Chi Energy, Master Jie conducts energy healing which not only help improve your particular health issue, but also further improve your holistic condition. It is done by absorbing any blocked Chi in the tendons, resulting in an accelerated flowing of Chi in the body and smooth circulation of the complex of tendons.

During each session of healing, different techniques could be applied depending on each individual’s condition and circumstance.

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Special Programs

For some complicated health conditions and injuries, the multiple sources to cause such condition is involved. So it is critical to pick up sources correctly that impact your condition, therefore we can have a focus for future treatment.

After conducting a personal assessment, Master Jie will present you a tailed healing program which only suits your condition. The program covers various prospective, including energy healing sessions, guidance about diet and nutrition, guidance about exercises, guidance about daily care approaches as well as guidance about mental improvements.

We are currently have three special healing programs. You can find all details on each special healing program page.

1) Special Healing program for Parkinson’s disease

2) Special Healing program for sports injuries

3) Special healing program for headaches

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Awakening Guidance

If you want to bring yourself in advanced level; If you want to achieve Zen state; With an awaken mind, Master Jie will guide you how to achieve your dream goal.

On your journey to be awakened, Master Jie will help you identify what is the issue which could block you way to be awakened. Further, he will guide you how to go through those issues and improve yourself.

Awakening guidance is suitable for person who has been practicing Chi for a certain years and has certain level of knowledge about energy.

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