Full list of Energy Healing Services in Melbourne

Personal Health & Wellness Consultation and Guidance

Many people complained that through long term medical treatment, their health conditions still could not get improved. That is because the real reason to cause the health condition has not been properly identified. Also, human being body is a complicated and holistic object, as a result, to improve overall health condition, it is also required to apply holistic treatment.


Using his extra sensory perception, Master Jie is able to help you find the true cause of your personal condition, specially that which may not be easily explored by modern medical devices. Further, provide you a comprehensive guidance for your health and wellbeing, which only suits your personal situation. Improve your health condition; Strengthen your immune system; Unblock your energy flow; Lead you to live in a healthy and harmonious life.


Consultation Scopes:
1) Through your personal photos or short video, find out your body’s weakness which might impact your health, and further discover the fundamental reason to cause your condition.
2) Based on your personal condition, present a full plan on how to improve your general health and wellness, covering diet, nutrition, living habits, mood adjustment,and behaviors and much more.
3) Based on your personal condition, present you a practical strategy on how to choose a right exercises which suit yourself condition.
4) If you have any special health needs, based on our assessment, a full package of improvement plan will be prepared


1) Discover your body’s weakness and explain the cause of your condition: $26
2) Report about how to improve your general health and wellness: $38
3) Report about choosing right exercises and training plan: $38
4) Comprehensive guidance for your SPESiCIAL HEALTH NEED: from $88
Notes: * If you order the item (2) and (3) together, the fee is $72
* For item (2), (3) or (4), we will provide you another FREE consultation one month after your order
* The price may be varied by each individual’s condition

1) You send us an inquiry via email or phone call
2) We provide you a questionnaire form. You complete the form and return to us. Also, you provide us two personal photos with your full images. One is the full front picture of yourself, the other is taken from your back.
3) We will confirm the receipt of your information.
4) You make your order and complete the payment. Credit card and bank transfer are accepted.
5) After receiving your payment and following your order, we will provide you a written report within 10 working days.
6) After you receive our report, if you have any question about this report, you can contact us in our business hours. We will be more than happy to answer your any questions.
7) One month after the completion of your report, we will contact you and seek your feedback or further question. If you have any question, we will provide you another further adjustment report without any charge.
8) For any who has special health needs, we will provide you a comprehensive improvement report within 14 working days.


Energetic Healing Session

Pain and illness is sometimes caused by the blockages or disharmony of internal organs, meridian and pressure points.


Applying his powerful Chi Energy, Master Jie conducts energy healing which not only help improve your particular health issue, but also further improve your holistic condition.  It is done by absorbing any blocked Chi in the tendons, resulting in an accelerated flowing of Chi in the body and smooth circulation of the complex of tendons.


During each session of healing, different techniques could be applied depending on each individual’s condition and circumstance.


Master Jie will provide an assessment to you, then,  the format of Master Jie’s energy healing will be discussed prior to commencement, as it may involve multiple sessions of varying lengths.


Each session of energy healing is around 45 minitues to one hour. It’s arranged by appointment.


Tailored Natural Health Program/ Personal Rehabilitating Program


Tailored natural Health Program/Rehabilitating program is a customized program by each individual, with the mission to strengthen your holistic health condition, as well as lead you to live in a good wellness.


If you desire to further improve your health condition in 100% natural way, and achieve the balance in mind, body and spirit. If you want to find a natural way to help your recovery progress after surgery, injury or illness. The tailored program works for you.


Targeting to achieve the holistic improvement of your health and mind, Master Jie will give you a full assessment. Then a detailed program will be presented to you.


During the whole program, various approaches and techniques could be applied. Specially, Master Jie will teach you special breathing exercises with a set of customized postures and movements which are only suitable for your personal condition.


The tailored natural health program is conducted on one to one session. If you want to discuss more about how we help you live in a healthy and good wellness, you can make an appointment with us.



Corporate workshops


This workshop aims to reduce the stress and pressure that staff may feel, and help them to achieve a healthy and calm mood. Thus, it can improve the efficiency and productivity for work and study. It is also beneficial for individual to improve concentration.


The format of the workshop and length can be discussed prior to the commencement.


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