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Many people complained that they feel unwell, but every time when having a health check, nothing shows abnormal. Or, some people have tried medical treatment for long term, but their conditions still could not get improved. That is because the real reason to cause the health condition has not been properly identified.

Using his extra sensory perception, Master Jie is able to help you find the true cause that impact your personal condition, specially that which may not be easily explored by modern medical devices. Further, he provides you a comprehensive guidance for your health and wellbeing, which is only tailored to your personal situation.

Consultation Scopes:
1) Through reading your personal photos or short video, identify your body’s weakness. More importantly, find out the fundamental reason that may have impacted your condition. Further, Master Jie explains you the future possible development of your body condition, based on current situation.

2) Based on your personal condition, present a full guidance about how to improve your general health and wellness, covering diet, nutrition, living habits, mood adjustment, behaviors, mindset, exercises and much more.

3) If you have any special health needs, based on our assessment, additional guidance will be prepared to advise you how to improve your particular health needs.

1) Report about identifying your body’s weakness, discovering the fundamental reason that impact your condition, and estimating future possible development:  AUD 78.00

2) Report about how to improve your general health and wellness:  AUD 78.00

3) If you have SPECIAL HEALTH NEED, additional guidance report for your special health needs. AUD 55.00

1) You email us or submit our online inquiry form, together with attachments of two recent personal photos with your full images. One is your front full image, the other is your full image taken from your back.

2) We reply your email to confirm the receipt of your inquiry.

3) You make your order and complete the payment.

4) We send you the receipt of the payment.

5)  We will complete your order and provide you a written report within 10 working days.

6) Within one month after you receive our report, if you have any question related to the contents in the report, you can contact us. We are more than happy to answer any question you have, without any additional charge.

Fees and Procedures for consultation via Video conversation


AUD 50.00 ( Apply for the first assessment consultation. Approximate time is 20mins. No written report provided)

AUD 2.00 per minute ( Apply for  further consultation appointments)


1) Contact us to make an appointment

2) Before attending the scheduled appointment, complete the payment.

3)  Attend the scheduled appointment



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