A lot of people suffer from back pain. In most cases, this may lead to chronic back pain which can negatively affect even your day to day functions.
Interestingly, in these couple of days, most of the visitors coming to me all have back problems. It can see chronic back pain is a very common health issue. The question is what is the right solution for you to change your back condition?
My visitors told me that they usually do some stretch exercises when they feel discomfort on the back. But my suggestion is just the opposite way to what they do. I always highly advise my visitors not to do extreme stretch exercises as well as gym exercises when they are having back pain. Because it could cause more hurts on the back.
Also, try not to sleep on a soft mattress, choose a proper sitting position. All these little details in daily life are all very helpful for reducing pain and prevent back problem.
For some worse cases, back pain could further cause hip and knees issues, also could cause a headache. So it is better to find the source of your back pain, then find a proper solution.