What is alternative and natural energy healing for headache, neck, shoulder and back pain?

In general concept, Energy healing is a holistic approach which provides a natural way of restoring balance and harmony to the subtle energetic communication system. As part of the subtle body, these energy systems encompass auras, chakras and meridians.


Energy Healing corrects the energy imbalances underlying simple and complex disorders. It works by removing ‘used up’ or diseased’ energy and replacing it with fresh vital energy called Prana. This kind of alternative and natural energy healing treatment works for nerve and chronic pain, among a range of other disorders.


Energetic healing sessions are tailored to the individual and may include a variety of modalities and techniques.

About Master Jie’s Energy Healing

master-jie_final2Master Jie’s energy healing is powerful and unique. Various techniques could be applied by Master Jie, based on your personal condition and circumstance at each session of healing. Using his healing ability, Master Jie has helped a lot of people improve their physical and mental conditions. He has achieved a number of miracles.


With his gifted strong energy, Master Jie can help you clean up the blocked energy among the meridians and acupuncture points. He is also able to help release negative energy out of your body. This may result to stimulate the Chi flowing all over the body and increase the blood circulation.


Further, applying his natural energy healing, Master Jie may introduce positive energy into your body, which will help you adjust the Ying Yang energy of your body, balance the energy in your body and enhance your immune system.


Not only improving your physical condition, Master Jie’s energy healing brings you deep healing meditation, which leads you to balance your inner mind, body and spirit, boost your energy and develop your under-performed potential. Master Jie’s mind-based techniques provide an excellent alternative and natural treatment for depression and anxiety in Melbourne, as well as a possible alternative energy healing treatment for Parkinson disease and other complicated health conditions.


Benefits from Master Jie’s Energy Healing

Master Jie’s energy healing could benefit most of personal conditions, even some situations that traditional treatments may not be able to resolve out. Depending on each individual’s condition, his energy healing may be able to have the following but not limited outcomes. Master Jie welcomes any inquires about personal condition issues. After conducting a personal assessments, he is more than happy to prepare a tailored personal health program / rehabilitation program for you

  • Natural Healing to Release Headaches

Including healing for headache caused by different conditions. Migraines headache; Severe headache; Headache caused by neck pain; Tension headache; The loss of concentration caused by headache; Light headed; Dizziness etc.

  • Improve heart, lung and respiratory system

Including heart problem caused by complex reasons. Chest pain; Chest tightening; Irregular heartbeats; High blood pressure; Heaviness; Cholesterol; Other conditions caused by heart problems.

Also includes Asthma, Shortness of breath, Emphysema, Centered chest pain; Whistling when breath deep; Dizziness; Chest burning; Decreased lung capacity; constant cough etc.

  • Improve digestive function through alternative energy healing for digestion system

Include Stomach disfunction; Bloating; Bowel problems; Constipation; Intestinal discomfort; Abdomen sides pain; Stomach pain; Abdominal pain; Acid reflux. Liver function; Lack of circulation;

  • Improve spinal condition and healing for back pain, neck and shoulder pains

Include Spinal injury, Upper back pain connected to shoulders and neck; Lower back pain; Back pain caused by spinal problem; Arthritis; Chronic back pain; neck and back pain with different causes.

  • Improve ear and hearing condition

Help to reduce Whistling in ear; Ear blockage; hearing reduction etc.

  • Legs Edema

Legs edema with different causes.

  • Asthma

Asthma could be caused by different conditions. Master Jie helps to identify the true reason that cause asthma.

  • Sports Injury

Master Jie helps to improve different types of sport injuries and nerve pain caused by sport injury. He provides holistic recovery in a natural way with effective energy healing for sports injury and pain.

  • Parkinson disease

Energy healing for Parkinson disease to reduce neurological problems such as numbness, nerve pains etc.

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

Including Relief stress; Increase self-confidence; improve concentration; Reduce anger; Improve sleeping quality.

  • Stimulate immune system

Boost extra life energy.

Master Jie welcomes any inquires about health issues, even some complicated and difficult conditions and cases. After assessments, he is more than happy to prepare a tailored personal health program / rehabilitation program for you. .

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