About Master Jie’s Spiritual Energy Healing

master-jie_final2Master Jie is the founder of Natural Formula Chi Energy Healing, which focuses on helping to improve a person’s health and wellbeing in a natural way. He believes each person has huge potential. His philosophy is to encourage the seamless interaction between humans and the natural world, further benefit to our health and wellness. Master Jie is the full member of Australia Energetic Healing Association, and is an expert at practicing natural energy healing, healing meditation and wellbeing improvements.


In 2010, Master Jie was awakened and gifted with what is known as the Third Eye. The Third Eye gives Master Jie the power to locate blockages of tendons in any part of the human body, by sight and touch. These chi energy healing skills further allow him to help identify the true reasons that may have caused your health issues and to help diagnose your current condition through spiritual and natural healings.


After his enlightenment, Master Jie  has great ability to introduce  powerful Chi energy into the body through his energy healing sessions. It may result to adjust the Ying Yang Chi Energy in your body and further achieve the balance;  To stimulate Chi flowing throughout the body and circulatory system.


Depending on the individual’s condition, Master Jie is able to absorb blockages in the tendons, using his strong Chi energy healing, which could result in the improvement from illness and reduce pains that may have been caused by any blockages in a natural way. Through practicing his chi energy healing based in Melbourne, he also helps you improve the immune system and circulation, which leads to the holistic improvement of your health and well-being.


Through his energy healing, Master Jie has achieved many miracle results, including some cases that could not be solved via traditional treatments. For instance, long term heart problem, chronic pains, digestive problems,  difficult sports injuries, depression and anxiety as well as some complicated conditions such as Parkinson diseases, rehabilitates after stroke and surgery.


Having practiced for years as a Master Practitioner of Chi Energy Healing, Master Jie wishes to pass on his knowledge by helping and enlightening others using his amazing gift of natural energy healing. This led to the creation of the Natural Formula Chi Energy Healing, which enables Master Jie to carry out spiritual healing meditation techniques and health teachings to a wide range of people requiring assistance.


He also founded a health club, with the mission to guide members  practical health regimen, which is about how to achieve a healthy, happy and harmonious life. The concept of regimen is ” 30% from tune, 70% from support, 100% harmony”. All these regimen Master Jie advise can be easily applied in a daily life.


In developing the spirits of Buddhism – “Love, Compassion and Empathy” – Master Jie is humbled and happy to meet people from all walks of life and use his special skills to help them through spiritual energy healing in Melbourne and health regimen teaching. He is passionate about guiding people to live life in a healthy, positive and harmonious environment, through his strong chi energy healing and comprehensive teachings about healthy living.



What is Energy ( Chi ) & Energy Medicine

Chi_pngThe human body consists of a complex array of energy systems that influence the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level of a person’s being.


Every cell in our body has its own complete intelligence system, and operates like a minute energized battery by positively charged energy. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. Every form of energy travels in waves, and has its own unique frequency and intensity level. Even today, science cannot fully explain some of the characteristics of energy. However, modern science has now started to recognize that many frequencies can either be supportive or detrimental to our bodies at surprisingly small intensities.


It is this subtle energy that forms the foundation of human health. If it is nurtured and supported through such actions as fresh food, adequate sleep, exercise, meditation, being happy and allowing our emotions to pass freely, we will remain energized and healthy. However, many of us in today’s busy lifestyle have ignored these basic requirements. The consequence is to cause the blockages in our subtle energetic communication system, which over time will manifest itself as physical illness.


The chakras receive energy and life force (also known as qi/chi) and link the auric fields and the meridian systems. Energy received in the chakras is distributed through the body through meridians.


Meridians are invisible pathways or channels in the body through which Chi flows.


Master Jie’s spiritual energy healing practices utilise your Chi system to heal your mind and body – he provides simply the most effective chi energy healing you can get.

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